In the 1970s physician-scientist

ANDREAS GRÜNTZIG (1939 – 1985)

at the University of Zürich pioneered global medical breakthroughs in vascular medicine. At his own kitchen table he developed a balloon catheter which allows the non-surgical reopening of narrowed or occluded arteries. Today, vascular interventions applying Grüntzig’s ballon katheter have become the most frequently performed medical procedure worldwide, with millions of interventions performed annually in patients with myocardial infarction, coronary and peripheral artery disease. Grüntzig died in airplane crash at the age of 46.

Founded at the University of Zürich on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his death, the ANDREAS GRÜNTZIG Foundation promotes and provides support for young talent in training, research, and eduction in vascular medicine and related medical disciplines. The foundation’s activities include the support of clinical training and research in outpatient and inpatient care, and provides support and guidance for next generation physicians and physician-scientists. Further activities of the foundation include information services to the public on the development, prevention, and treatment of vascular diseases and to preserve and maintain the scientific heritage of Andreas Grüntzig.

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Andreas Grüntzig in the catheterization laboratory testing a coronary balloon catheter which he developed, ca. 1980. Photograph taken by Grüntzig’s assistant Maria Schlumpf and republished here with her permission.